6 Reasons To Start Reading Your Cookbooks Jun 5, 2017 by Nancy (Day Styles)

A new cookbook for some people is an exciting time! If you’re at all like me, opening a new cookbook is like diving into a world of culinary adventure! They are like little pieces of art hanging out on your bookshelf, but here are some definite reasons why you ALWAYS read your cookbooks. No more buying them and leaving them around for dust collection.

6. You Want To Make The Recipe Successfully!

This may seem pretty obvious but reading through the recipes before you attempt to make it can save a lot of headaches when you haven't read it carefully and it calls for an unexpected instruction that you weren't prepared for, ruining everything! Even if you don't read the book cover to cover, at least read through the recipe you want to make beforehand!

5. The Ingredients are a Story

For someone who isn't used to using cookbooks, it might seem like the ingredient list is a completely random list put together just for the heck of it – but the truth is that the list of ingredients actually tells a story of the entire recipe. The history of the dish, where it originated and any sort of modern twist the chef intended to put on it.

4. You'll Get to Learn Your Tools

Ever spend time wondering what the heck all the tools you have in your kitchen are for? The beginning of your cookbook usually outlines some key tools that you'll need when cooking from that particular book. This is a perfect chance to get acquainted with the strangers hanging out in your kitchen drawers!

3. Get To Know The Author

The author usually includes his/her own story and how the cookbook came about. It helps to understand the person who is ultimately helping you learn to cook, that way you know how they think and you can keep that in mind as you're preparing your dishes!

2. A Cookbook Is More Than Food

A cookbook can help you be mindful while you're in the kitchen! Organization in the kitchen is a key part in successfully preparing your perfect dishes. Read the beginning part of your cookbook and it can definitely help you keep your space neat and tidy!

1. It Updates Your Vocabulary

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and wondered what the heck certain words are? When you're familiar with your cookbooks, these fancy words seem less daunting and you can actually understand what you're ordering (and impress the company you’re dining with!).



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