5 Unique Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Unlike most of life’s milestones, marriage proposals are flexible in style and timing. This is good because there is plenty of time to plan and a number of ways to execute the proposal. What nobody tells you is that no matter how long you have known each other, you will always be nervous to pop the question. Once you have worked up your courage, you need to have a clear plan of how to mesmerize your better half. Whether you are planning for a grand, traditional or a laid-back proposal, deviating from the beaten path will engrave a stronger impression in his/her heart for life. Remember to retain the element of surprise.

Here are 5 unique ways to propose for men and women....

1. The Power of Memories

It all boils down to how you first met. Notice that the emotions at the beginning of a relationship are intense and filled with mystery and hope. Consider making a proposal at the location you first met and relive those emotions. When proposing to your partner, paying attention to detail really matters because it shows that you love them to bits.

2. Choose Unique Locations

This does not always mean places you have not been to - the place should have some significance to your lives and to the theme at hand; love. Alternatively, a place that would hold greater meaning for your partner. The key is to learn what your partner treasures most and what would count as exciting or romantic. For laid-back proposals, the beach is an intimate location to look at. For grand proposals, putting up the message on social halls, shopping malls or on-air proposals could also work!

3. Incorporate Your Favorite Celebrity

If you can afford it, inviting their favorite celebrity to one of your parties will certainly leave a lasting impression. If you are proposing to a sports-type guy, maybe making a grand gesture at one of his games will be a pleasant surprise for him. 

4. Use Unique Gifts

Customize your gifts to be meaningful to your partner so they can always be treasured. The usual diamond ring can be replaced by other rare gemstones like Tanzanite or Alexandrite. If you are proposing to a man, customize the theme to his favorite computer game, sport or buy him a gadget he always admired. Better yet, surprise him with a car upgrade that he would die for. 

5. A Written Proposal

At face value, this might seem very traditional but a handwritten proposal also has its appeal. In this age of technology, a little personal touch shows a heartfelt and well-thought-out proposal. Keep it short and exciting. How you choose to deliver the note will also say a lot. You can have it mailed to her workplace, or display it in a place she is likely to visit often within the intended period or have it hand delivered by a courier. It does not matter if you already live together. It can also be an accompanying note with a thoughtful gift that makes it difficult to say no.

Plan a little intimate dinner to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter before you decide to make the announcement to the rest of the world.



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