15 Productive Things To Do In 15 Minutes Jul 5, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Read The News

Spend a few minutes reading the newspaper or hop on your phone and check out what’s happening in the world right now. Staying up to date on current events is important no matter who you are! If we know what’s happening in the world, we can know how to make a difference in the future. You can even make a custom Twitter feed with your favorite news channels or check your favorite news sites while you’re waiting.

“Unsubscribe Here”

Do you wake up every morning to a ton of e-mails that you don’t open and automatically delete? This is super irritating and takes up way too much time from our busy days! Instead, take fifteen minutes and go through and click the “Unsubscribe Here” button. Websites and apps like unroll.me can show you exactly what mailing lists your e-mail associated with so you can unsubscribe to them all at the same time.

Delete Photos

Are you the type of person who has hundreds and hundreds of photos crowding your phone or computer? With digital cameras, it’s all too easy to end up with hundreds or even thousands of photos. Take a few minutes and go through your photos, deleting the ones that are duplicates, outdated, unnecessary, or just terrible pictures! You’ll free up a ton of space on your phone or hard drive and, even better, you’ll have the pictures you actually like and enjoy!

Clean Your Phone

While you’re on your phone looking through your old pictures, you can take a few minutes and delete any unused apps or games that you no longer want on your phone. If you’re anything like me, you download a ton of apps that you forget about after a few weeks! Thankfully, it’s super easy to delete unwanted apps on most phones, so this is the perfect thing to do while you’re on the bus or waiting for a friend!

Move Your Body

If you’re at work, you can use a short break to escape from your desk and move your body. Take a quick walk outside, do some light stretching, or even meditate to bring your mind back into focus for the rest of your day. If you’re at home, you could dim the lights, light some candles, and do some yoga for a few minutes. If you feel like you have a burst of energy that you need to work out of your system, you could go for a few sprints, do some squats, lunges, and pushups.

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