Why You Should Eat Your Meat Jul 28, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Listen to What the Experts Have to Say

Are You Going to Argue Evolution?

For centuries experts have argued the pros and cons for eating meat. Is the Paleo style eating best? Or is Vegan the route to go? Unfortunately over the past few decades meat has been made the bad guy. Blamed for creating disease and death. What people don’t recognize is there’s so much more to it. What type or quality of meat are these people eating? Are they grilling it with health in mind or deep frying it? And how much are they eating to get sick? For instance, the only way you are getting ultra-healthy disease free meat is to eat kosher. This meat is the cream of the crop and goes through thorough inspections. Even if an animal has just broken its leg the meat can’t be kosher. If there is any discoloration or black spots (cancer) the meat can’t be used. But this imperfect meat is suitable for organic and Grade A at your local grocery store! Authority Nutrition experts stand by the fact unprocessed, naturally fed meat in moderation is incredibly healthy! That’s a fact.

Your Body Was Designed For Meat

You can argue this one till you’re blue in the face but evolution designed your body for meat, fat, and other animal foods. How do you think cavemen survived? Science proves your body was made to digest proteins, nutrients in animal foods, and healthy fat. Vegans are going to argue this one but they are wrong. Humans are omnivores and eat both plants and animals. We don’t have the shorter digestive system that herbivores have and can’t digest the plant fiber as well as herbivores can. We also have large brains and the equipment to make tools to hunt; hands and thumbs in particular. And if you are still arguing we have evidence our ancestors were eating meat at least 1.5 MILLION years ago.


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