Pegan – The Perfect Diet? Jun 17, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Main Issue with Vegan Eating

It’s a challenge to get the complete protein your body needs to build lean muscle, and support optimal cell and brain function. Other that the grain quinoa, the only way you can get complete protein with all 20 amino acids is by eating food from an animal source. So if you have a nice grilled chicken breast or piece of steamed wild salmon you are giving your body the best protein for your body. Plant based protein is incomplete. The only way you can make it complete for absorption is to combine plant protein sources to create complete protein. Just like putting a puzzle together. So apple slices dipped in peanut butter or cottage cheese with fresh berries are examples of complete protein combinations.

As you can see it’s much easier to become protein deficient with Vegan eating because you can’t ever be perfect with your food combination choices.

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