Is Kosher Healthier Than What Your Grocer Offers? Aug 12, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Kosher Food is Readily Available

Simply because people don’t look for it they don’t realize kosher food is readily available in most large cities. In the United States New York, Florida, California, and Texas buy the most kosher food. Again this doesn’t mean it’s because of religious reasons. Bottom line is, kosher food is healthier than any other food on the planet because it’s regulated and TOP QUALITY. In just about every country in the world you can get kosher food. It can even be ordered on most airlines if you notify them in advance. There will be an extra charge of course because it’s costlier to process. But pretty cool nonetheless if you ask me!

It’s Not Just the Jewish That Eat Kosher

The Muslim community are big buyers of kosher food because of their specific dietary restrictions according to Interestingly, China is also a big producer of kosher ingredients and making finished product kosher foods. Which you can find on your grocery shelf with the kosher symbol. So you know you are getting the best in everything you buy. Which means for the most part you are also paying a little more. And with a little experimenting once everything is said and done you’ll figure out for the most part buying kosher isn’t much more than you’re likely spending now for your non-kosher food. Where you will notice it most is in the meat department. But this issue can easily get resolved by serving smaller portions of kosher meat. And chances are you’re overloading anyway. 4-5 ounces is all you need in a serving of meat. Which is a smidgeon smaller than a deck of cards. FOR REAL! Your health is your number one priority and shouldn’t be ignored because of cost. Just get smart about your shopping and you can still eat kosher with just about any budget. Great to know!

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