How to Enjoy a Drink without Mucking Up Your Diet Aug 19, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

It is Possible to Enjoy a Cocktail or Two without Getting Tubby

What many people fail to realize your “diet” or health and wellness plan isn’t a one shot deal. It’s something you create and nurture over the long haul. So when you are thinking about how you can enjoy a beverage or two during the scorching hot summer days on a patio, or when you’re throwing a wild and crazy backyard barbecue, it’s important you have the information needed and a plan to make sure you do this in moderation and without dire consequences.

I can’t tell you how many times a client has been scooting along nicely with their diet all winter when along comes summertime, they throw their whole strategy to the wind and start indulging uncontrollably. Going out for drinks after work on a regular basis, and with this breakdown in healthy communication, their exercise program, and healthy lifestyle, usually go teats up simultaneously. First you need to commit to always working to better your health and wellness. Sign on the dotted line and now I can help you enjoy a few alcoholic drinks without killing your super sexy body and mind.  It’s perfectly fine to have a couple cold beers, shots, or an occasional fancy-dancy drink if you understand exactly what you are doing and how you can implement damage control immediately.


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