Low-Calorie Foods That Fill You Up Fast Jun 17, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)


Watermelon is one of our favorite snacks in the summer, and, fortunately for us, it’s low in calories and high in water. It’s a very rich source of vitamin B, which can increase our energy levels and reduce the need to eat extra food because it doesn’t leave us feeling sluggish. It contains a lot of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that protects the body against different cancers, such as that of the womb, breast, colon, and respiratory system.


Coffee is a really great beverage to consume if you’re looking to boost your metabolism and lose weight. When we say to “drink more coffee,” we mean drink it black - it’s when you start adding milk, cream, sugar, and syrups that you start to gain weight. Although taking your coffee black may be bitter when you first start drinking it, the benefits are amazing, and you’ll get used to the taste eventually. Coffee can change the levels of different hormones in the digestive system that let us know when we are hungry or full and help us avoid untimely cravings. Besides that, caffeine helps to boost our energy and subsequently our metabolic rate, keeping us going strong all day long.


Tomatoes are a staple in a lot of households and pack a huge amount of flavor despite the fact that they have very few calories. They can be used in almost any recipe and have a ton of additional benefits. They are full lycopene, which is a compound that’s capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells - specifically prostate cancer in men. If type 2 diabetes is a concern, then your blood sugars may also benefit from the ingestion of tomatoes as the chromium that they contain helps to regulate blood sugar levels naturally.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers actually contain a specific compound that raises your metabolic rate, called capsaicin. Once the peppers have been consumed, they can accelerate your body’s consumption of calories. Since the peppers themselves don’t contain a lot of calories, they get you burning more calories than you would normally! Peppers are also full of flavor, so you don’t need to add any high-calorie sauces to your meals. Best of all, people tend to feel less hungry after they eat meals containing chili peppers, and you can curb your whole appetite - that’s a serious bonus when it comes to losing weight.

Leafy Greens

When people tell you to eat salads on a diet, they’re right! Leafy greens are commonly 50/50 water and fiber, while a big portion of kale helps to provide us with anti-carcinogenic nutrients called glucosinolates, which are an effective substance to help us reduce our risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and bladder cancer. A single serving of kale can give us over 1300% of our daily requirements of Vitamin K and 192% of our intake of vitamin A, which both promote healthy bones. Spinach is a close contender to kale, with one gram of spinach packing more protein than a gram of steak. The protein in spinach actually makes your digestive system work harder, helping to keep you trim and healthy.

Lean Meats

Unlike a lot of the previously mentioned fruits and veggies, lean meats do come with a higher calorie count, but they keep your body running efficiently for an extended period. Judicious selections of lean meat if you know you’re going to be working hard it can actually be more efficient than snacking all day! Lean meats like chicken breast and turkey are packed full of protein, and protein makes our digestive systems work harder and provides a temporary spike in our metabolic rate. Just avoid additional calories (like bread, condiments, or sides) and stick with a clean serving of lean meat!

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