Carbs and Diabetes: The Basics Oct 5, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Processed or Refined Carbs

Any carbs that have gone through processing are refined. If you are looking at grains, in this process the grain is stripped of essential nutrients and fiber. So you are left with only starch. So when the digestive process is sped up because there is no fiber to slow it down, your blood sugar levels will rise immediately. You will feel your energy rise, but it will also drop like a stone. Glucose-fructose is a processed syrup, creating a processed sugar that’s worse than plain old simple processed sugar. What people need to be more wary of is where all these sugars are hidden in foods. If you are buying anything processed, you can bet your bottom dollar there is plenty of sugar added. Read the label and buy smart.

Simple Sugar No-No Carbs

These are the nutrition-less foods you want to steer clear of because they’ll deliver short-term energy while shooting your blood sugar levels straight through the roof. If they are natural, simple sugar foods, you will still need to eat small amounts to avoid creating a further issue with your diabetes.


It’s no secret fresh fruit has fructose, which is a simple sugar. The benefits of fruits are they provide energy, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals critical to good health. WARNING: Be very careful of fruit juice because it’s so quickly digested and can push sugar levels into dangerous territory. Even when the juice is 100% natural there loaded with natural sugars.

Junk Food

We all know most cakes, cookies, pastries, chocolate bars, ice cream, and chips have white table sugar, a simple sugar. Usually, junky foods have zippo nutrition and are high in calories and bad saturated fat. Routine eating of junk foods means a higher risk of tooth decay and obesity to start.

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