Fat Facts About Fat Aug 11, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Tit for Tat – Which Fats Are Best?

I don’t know about you but there are so many freakin mixed messages about which fats are good for you and which you need to steer clear of, that it’s enough to drive you bonkers! Is butter ok? And what’s so bad about Trans-fat? Is olive oil bad when you heat it and good when it’s room temperature? No worries because I’m going to help you learn the ins and outs of dieting and fat once and for all. And most importantly you’re going to learn about busting fat myths so you can build your body lean and sexy strong with a ginormous smile on your face. From this day forward you will know the truth about how to keep fat off your body and your energy levels rising. And in case you are wondering, you can’t skip the fat. It helps insulate your body and protect organs, keep you energized, and most importantly it feeds your brain and keeps you sharp as a knife. Onward…Let’s go!


Myth 1 - Fat Makes You Fat!

Truth – This is whacked out false! Now fat is the macronutrient with the most calories, at 9 calories per gram. Whereas carbs and protein have just 7 calories per gram. But that just means you need to eat less fat to lose weight. BUT…Fat is not your enemy. It’s really a mathematical equation that determines if you are gaining weight or not. If you are eating more calories than your body expends, with a combination of food and exercise, then you will gain fat. Doesn’t really matter if you are eating crazy healthy or not. Now it is also true that fat tends to be in foods with higher calories and that increases the likelihood you’re going to get fat. Just remember it’s not the scapegoat! What’s important is that you keep your fat intake low and in moderation. Then you won’t have to worry about packing on the pounds because of fat!


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