Best Snacks To Have Before Bed Sep 22, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)


There’s always so much information out there on what kinds of snacks you should or should not eat, or what time you should stop eating every night, or how many hours apart your meals should be. This is all great and I’m sure most of the claims have sound science behind them; however there are days when I just want to eat food while I’m watching TV right before bed. My favorite go-to snack to have is always Dorito’s, but pretty much anything is healthier than those. You don’t want to eat something too big that it’s going to be uncomfortable for you to sleep, and you don’t want to eat a leaf of lettuce and feel your stomach growling for something more. What foods are going to do all of that plus allow you the deep slumber you’re desiring?


I understand that cheese is packed full of calories, but when you’re craving food you’re likely lacking in something. Cheese is full of protein and fat which will make you feel full only after a little bit. Plus cheese has been known to contain the amino acid called tryptophan, which is a precursor to melatonin, which helps relax the nervous system and makes you drowsy.



Tell me when you have had a big turkey dinner and NOT fallen asleep after? It happens to me EVERY time, so it would make sense that having some turkey as a snack before bed would do the same thing. Turkey is loaded with tryptophan, it’s low in fat, high in great protein and a few slices (of the real stuff, not the processed lunch meat) will only be about 200 calories.


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