6 Simple Workouts To Start Your Day May 7, 2015 by Chris (Day Styles)

It is highly advisable from a health point of view to ensure that you maintain the full fitness of your body. Keeping fit ensures that you are not prone to certain weight related diseases, and it also increases your overall productivity in your workplace. There are simple workouts that you may engage in to start your day, for about 10 to 15 minutes;

Stair Climb

That is a very simple routine to engage in during the early hours of your day. It only requires the stairs in your house to achieve a very effective workout. With this routine, the legs, the chest and the abdomen are kept in full fitness since climbing burns the calories with heavy breathing also involved.


Yoga involves the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. That clears your mind, and you can harness your inner power and ability to undertake different tasks all day long. Yoga may be used as a disciplined method of attaining fitness goals through the control of your whole body and mind. That unites your body and mind in the commitment to achieving full body fitness.


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