Best Fashion Trends for Winter 2015 Dec 8, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Celebrity fashion is always fun, but it isn't always practical, especially during the cold winter months. We’ve taken a look at designer fashion for 2015 and here’s five trendy looks on and off the runway that will look good and help keep you warm this winter. So here are five in styles that can are great for walking down the street, not just the catwalk.


Lampshading has come to light recently and it's probably a trend you’ve seen but never heard about. It seems as though all of the “it” celebrities are rocking this trend this winter, and it is admittedly one of the more comfortable and cozy looking fashion trends. Basically, lampshading is when a woman pairs a pair of over the knee boots with a very broad hemline above, whether it’s a flowy dress or an oversized sweater. We’ve seen the look most on the entire Kardashian-Jenner family, but Kate Moss is also a very big fan of the style. This look was first showcased at the Vetements runway show during F/W 15 and it has really taken off.


Velvet has made a wonderful comeback this year, especially in the winter months. This grand, rich, touchable fabric is not going to disappoint this winter whether you’re wearing it walking down the street or to your office holiday party. We are seeing velvet everywhere this season, everything from velvet blazers to wide-legged trousers - people are even wearing velvet suits! It’s a versatile fabric, as you can dress it up with a diamond necklace, or you can play it down with a pair of converse sneakers – it’s really up to your own personal style.

Classic White Button-Up… With A Twist

A crisp, classic white shirt is always going to be in style, whether you’re at your day job or pairing it casually with a pair of jeans. This year, however, it’s taken a bit of a twist on the runway (even though it was on the runway, it’s extremely easy to convert this trend into everyday street style).  Everything from making it into a strapless top or even a one-strap top has been spotted on the runway. Experiment with your white tops until you find some neat news ways to wear it.

Pant Suits

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for women to start wearing a pantsuit. A pantsuit is perfect for any occasion when it’s tailored right and fits properly. This season we are seeing a lot of suit jackets with plunging necklines (acting both as a jacket and a shirt depending on the occasion) while others have a more traditional jacket paired with oversized trousers. Many designers are channeling a very menswear inspired look into the female pantsuit and it has become a huge hit.

Pilgrim Style

We are seeing a lot of Pilgrim style love this season, which isn’t something typical, as Pilgrim’s weren’t that “fashionable” back in their time. However, runway designers are now taking pieces here and there and incorporating them into their looks. We've seen that a big trend is the oversized belt buckles, but check out the chunky pilgrim shoe (which also includes a buckle!). Frocks with higher necklines are popular this winter and we are even seeing some fairly tall hats making their way into the fashion scene as well!

This winter dress warmly and with style.



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