Top Ways To Look Stylish While Traveling Jun 14, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We’ve all seen her - the woman who shows up to the airport looking as stylish and sophisticated as if she were going to a swanky event at The Ritz. How does she sit on a long flight for so long looking like a million bucks? There are a lot of neat little tricks you can use to help you look like a sophisticated local when you land, whether it’s New York City or Paris. There are a ton of clothes that keep you feeling comfortable in your seat while they still look sleek and chic!


If you’re travelling in cooler weather and you want to wear a couple of layers, try a turtleneck. In case it’s cool on the plane, your scarf is going on your lap, the blanket provided by the attendant is going around your back, and a turtleneck will keep you warm. An upscale turtleneck not only keeps you looking polished, but it’s also a great garment for long flights. Best of all, it won’t look any different when you land - no wrinkles, no fuss, no muss!


If you’ve ever suffered from swollen feet while taking a long flight, you understand how uncomfortable it can be to wear the wrong shoes. Mules are a type of shoe that allows your foot to slip in comfortably, so you don’t have to worry about your feet swelling during the flight. Mules can also give your entire outfit a little bit more style and professionalism that you wouldn’t get with a sneaker or a sandal.

The Zip Boot

These are perfect for climates that are a bit cooler. The slick ankle bootie with a zipper (not laces!) are an effective solution for annoying airport security, and you’ll be looking like a million bucks while you go through. Opt for boots that are comfortable but have an edge to them - metallics or studs are always a winner.

The Midi Skirt

Longer and fuller skirts are not only in style this season, but they are also easier to sit in on long flights, and they can make a little fort for your legs! If you curl your legs and tuck them into your skirt, it can actually be quite cozy. Depending on where you’re travelling, you can grab a midi skirt that has thin material or thick material. Think of it as another type of blanket you don’t have to put in your carry on. If you want to create an outfit with a skirt rather than pants or a full dress, you should definitely choose the midi skirt. Next, our top four picks for stylish travel!


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