Top Female Supermodels Over 60 Sep 9, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Growing older is no longer the burden that people once thought it was. In fact, women are finding that the older they get, the more they start finding their own personal style and really growing into it without caring what other people think. We are seeing more and more high-end fashion designers using models who are much older than the typical models we tend to see in high fashion advertisements and people are definitely embracing this new change. Not only can we take style lessons from the following women, but we can learn to embrace who we really are, no matter what our age!

Pia Gronning, 65


Pia Gronning is the epitome of embracing age as it comes. Her charm and sense of style might be ageless, but grace and beauty came with maturity. Today, her long flowing grey hair is the biggest part of her signature look. The Danish model and actor starred in her first Hollywood film in 1974 and she hasn't left the limelight since! In 2008, she was hired as the primary model in the J-Crew Fall Collection lookbook.


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