Tips For Buying "The Breast" Bras Apr 27, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

When it comes to buying bras, there are so many different types and styles to choose from it can be a daunting task. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size as well; so trying to figure out your size can be difficult in itself. Here is a list of different styles of bras and a few tips on when you should be wearing them.

T-shirt Bra


The t-shirt bra is specifically designed to go under cotton t-shirts, as the brassiere itself is seamless and made of lightweight material, sometimes cotton just like the t-shirt. A regular bra under a t-shirt normally shows due to the seams and the edges of the bra, so it’s best to wear a t-shirt bra if you're heading out with just a t-shirt.

Wireless Bra


Wireless bras are one of the more comfortable types, although they are less supportive than bras with underwires. They’re normally made from soft cotton materials and have a wider band around the bust to help keep it in place. These bras are great for pregnant women as there’s no wire under the breast that could dig into the belly. It’s also great for lounging around in on the weekend as it is very comfortable and flexible.

Demi Bras

A demi bra is a bra designed to be “barely there” and are great for tops with wide necks or low cuts. They provide coverage for only parts of the breast that need to be covered, so they are meant mostly for women who have a smaller cup size. You have to be careful when wearing these bras because if you pair them with a t-shirt or a top with light fabric, the lines may be visible through your shirt - not a good look.

Shaping Bra

For most women, their breasts are slightly different sizes, so a shaping bra helps to even the appearance of them out. They are typically available for every cup size up to a DDD, after that, you’ll likely have to get a custom bra. You can wear this type of brassiere almost any time. However, they are full coverage so if you’re opting for a top that is lower cut or a wider neckline, shaping bras won’t work.

Sports Bra

A sports bra provides extra support during physical activity. They are sturdier than typical bras and force the breasts tight to the body, inhibiting movement while exercising, which helps to prevent damage to the ligaments in your chest. Some sports bras are designed to go under clothing while some are designed to serve as an exercise top for more outdoor activities such as jogging or beach volleyball.

Lingerie Bra

Lingerie is meant more for fun than function. Victoria’s Secret is well known for their sexy bras, made from everything including lace, silk, beading, sequins and sparkles. You can find lingerie in any color, and depending how much you want to spend, you could even find some with diamonds for a truly dazzling appearance. Frederick’s is another company renowned for sexy lingerie, although their pieces are more for “after dark” than Victoria’s Secret and include “barely there” lingerie.


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