The Nail Colors You Need To Wear This Summer Jul 29, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Now that the heat of the summer is REALLY upon us, we are all in beach/vacation mode! Our outfits and accessories are all about the summer! Our bodies are tanned, our makeup is minimal and neutral, our hair is wavy, and our nails are bright and on point! Before you get your next manicure, check out of some of the hottest hues coming this summer. We are still obsessed with nail art, but keep it tasteful and BRIGHT! From friendly coral to chic nude, your nails are sure to slay this summer with these beach-friendly colors.

Bright Yellow

A classic summer color, add some bright yellow to your next mani and be your own ray of sunshine. A yellow manicure is the ultimate sun salutation and is the only a color you can ALWAYS get away with in the summer time. Take advantage of the season and add some bright yellow to your nails to match any bright bikini out there.


What better color could complement your tan than gold? Try to avoid using gold for your entire manicure, but use this color for hints and accents to a neutral shade on your nails. You can even use gold as an ombre effect to add dimension to your nails. No matter how you decide to use your gold polish, it’s going to be a showstopper this summer for sure.

Flamingo Pink

Flamingo pink is the hottest shade of pink right now, and if you aren’t big on incorporating this shade into your outfit, your manicure is the perfect option for you. Use this color for added dramatic effect if you pair it with a softer pink for some cute nail art. This color looks great either glossy or matte.

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is the perfect dark shade for summer, especially if you aren’t prone to colors that are too bright. Instead, you can add midnight blue to your nail art, wear it on its own, or add some glitter on the top for an extra “wow” factor!

Bright Red

Red is a classic no matter what time of year it is. Opt for a brighter shade of red during the summer and your nails will pop! For a little extra dazzle, match your nails to your lipstick, or check out different shades of red that you can use. Some have orange tints while others are more of a coral. Play with FIRE and find out what suits you best!

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is the newest “neutral,” and we love it. It’s the perfect shade to take from day to night with a simple switch of an outfit. It matches every color and complements every skin tone. If painting your whole nail is too much for you, try the tips, or just one of your fingers alongside a neutral manicure for the rest. Find your favorite beach color and let us know!



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