The 10 Most Unusual Types of Shoes Apr 8, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Everybody has their own personal style and their favorite pair of shoes, and they're not always practical. But some of the shoes we’ve seen are truly over the top! Check out these unusual pairs of shoes and let us know which ones you think are the weirdest.

Gadget Shoes

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Gadget shoes are just that, shoes that have some strange additional function. The “vacuum shoe” was equipped with a built-in vacuum that pulls up dirt while you walk. Then there is the “GPS shoe” that can track where you are at all times. There have been wedge shoes with Game Boys built into the side of the soles, and illuminated shoes that generate power while you're walking. Someone even invented a pair of sandals with a metal detector so you can search for buried treasure while you walk on the beach. Better yet, why don’t you go for a run with your music player and speakers built into your runners - those are some pumped up kicks!

The Furry Heeled Mule

In 2015, Maison Martin Margiela debuted his new type of mule, the furry mule, and it wasn’t the biggest hit on the runway. This mule (which is like a slip-on pump) was covered in faux fur and looked like something out of “Sesame Street” or “Star Wars.” Furry shoes, in general, are a pretty bad idea, but these were exceptionally ugly, and I have no idea how anyone could wear them without the material becoming a big knotted ball of faux fur on your feet.


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