The 10 Most Unusual Types of Shoes Apr 8, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Insect Enlocked Shoes

These are some of the weirdest shoes we have ever seen – who wants to walk around with bugs in their shoes? Some people enjoyed the novelty nonetheless and wore shoes with insects inside clear containers. We don't exactly know why this started or where it originated, but it's one of the strangest things we've seen. Where do the bugs go if they die? How long do you keep them in a shoe? Are they real bugs or plastic bugs? We have no idea, but we are glad that these shoes aren't around anymore.

The Reverse Heel

The Reverse Heel made its debut in 2007 when Marc Jacobs had them as part of his runway collection, and they quickly became a short-lived fashion trend. Basically, the reverse heel is a pump where the heel was moved under the arch of the foot and rotated onto its side. You would think that they'd be difficult to use, but according to some people who have worn them, they feel like a regular pump. Needless to say, these shoes weren't the most attractive and went as quickly as they came, and we aren't upset about it.

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