Top Swimsuit Trends of 2017 May 15, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

While it may be a bit early in many parts of the world to jump into the pool or ocean, it is just about time to start thinking about what look you’ll be rocking near your swimming spot of choice this summer. Ever since their inception in the late 20th century, swimsuits have had a volatile history regarding popular trends. This year will be no different; there will be many swimsuits out there that buck the trends of last year for the hot new trends for 2017. If you want to be fashionable this summer, check out these five swimsuit trends for 2017 below.

1. Cutouts

Fashionable everyday wear this year has featured many pieces with “cutouts”, and swimsuits will be no different. The cutouts, generally along the sides of the body, serve to accent the waist and a toned figure. Cutouts are a fantastic way to take a one-piece swimsuit and give it a fashionable look.

2. Asymmetric Cuts

Just like many of this year's most stylish dresses, many swimsuits this year will feature an asymmetrical, one shoulder wrap. This look will be most present on otherwise bandeau style bikinis, as well as in the form of a pseudo-one-piece that falls to the side and is paired with a regular bandeau top.

3. Sexy Low Cuts

Deep V-necklines are another example of normal fashion making its way to swimsuits this year. This strong trend will be present in white bridal pieces and nude halters, as well as in more revealing cuts. If you want to be the sexiest woman on the beach this year, choose a swimsuit in this style to create the illusion of a longer torso and neck. 

4. Tassels

DH Gate

Tassels are an excellent way to spice up an otherwise dull piece, whether it is a swimsuit or everyday wear. On a swimsuit, tassels create a more casual appearance, making these suits more appropriate for strolling around the boardwalk than other, less decorated pieces. They are also ideal for fun, flirty beach parties where the idea is more about having fun than it is about being a beach goddess. Tasseled swimsuits pair well with skirted bottoms for a fun, Latina look. 

5. The Sheer Look


Right now, sheer is in style. Everyone is wearing tops with semi-opaque cutouts, and swimsuits will be no different. High-cut suits will shine with the sheer look, as will fun, graphic shapes, and bold colors. Previously less-than-sexy one-pieces that feature areas of sheer fabric will be one of the sexiest looks by the water. Sheer black material around the waist helps to minimize any imperfections, while peach blush paired with black create an incredibly sexy look.

The cut of the swimsuit is always the most looked at trend, but colors are also important. This year will be the year of the modest yet adventurous, with nude coming into vogue. Wearing a nude swimsuit is a great option if you prefer to be covered up, but want to appear as if you are showing more skin. Yellow is also a huge color trend this year, which will pair nicely with the bright sun of the beach shore.



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