Top Style Tips For A Woman's First Date May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

A first date is imperative for a woman because it's all about creating a first impression. You don’t want to appear like you are super casual, and also you don’t want to come off as too laid back. It should get pointed out that men are attracted by what they see, and therefore the dressing code in this scenario is paramount. If you are a lady, you will find the following five style tips for the first date for women to be very helpful. 

1. Wear A Dress or A Skirt 

This is a crucial tip to consider for women going out for a first date. Most women are usually blown off by the fact that dresses and skirts make them look overdressed. What these women fail to acknowledge however is the fact that dresses and skirts play a vital role when it comes displaying the beauty and feminine side of women. The dress will go a long way in creating a perfect balance between a fun and relaxed person. Most women get tempted to dress provocatively in an attempt to lure their male counterparts, but this always gets interpreted as having loose morals. 

2. Pay Attention To What Is On Your Feet 

One thing that you must ensure to achieve a perfect balance is the line between comfortability and attractiveness. Ensure that whatever you put on pays allegiance to both or else the result could be disastrous. A good recommendation for a first date is that you should put on a stunning pair of heels since they will do a good job in giving you a raised posture and thus boosting your confidence. Slightly raised heels will also lift your lower half-something that your date will most probably find to be super attractive. 

3. Choose Color 

Men are not particularly the benchmark for color expertise, but they will surely notice when you put on an off-putting color. Dull colors like brown, black and gray are clearly not a good choice if you are trying to give a good first impression. Most men would most probably find bright colors attractive for instance red and white can be a good option. However, it should get noted that when choosing the color, you should also consider your complexion. 

4. Know What Flatters You 

A first date is all about what makes you entirely comfortable. It’s all about sticking to your natural style without the avenue of experimenting new techniques. It is therefore highly recommended to put on clothes that most definitely suit your style and also remember; you should not try too hard to impress. It all boils down to being yourself at the end of the day. 

5. Choose A Simple Style 

This is the last and most important style tip for women on a first date. Being simple implies that you should not be tempted to put on a lot of makeup. Avoid putting on a lot of designer clothing which scream of expensive brands and models. Such complex ventures will make you come out as arrogant and flossy.



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