Best Style Tips For A Man's First Date! May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

The dating world is tough. First, you have to find a date, and then you have to overcome those first date jitters to make a good impression. Your first impression starts the second that you meet up with your date so properly dressing is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to this pivotal moment.

If you’re hoping that this first date could lead to a long future with the person, you need to make sure to show this in your clothing. Below, we have listed five style tips for first dates for men.

1. Drop the Neutrals

Unless you and your girl are into the goth scene, you are going to want to avoid wearing all black or all neutral colors. That’s not to say that you should dress in all of the colors of the rainbow, however. Dressing too brightly can be a distraction, or visually jarring. Consider pairing a muted color (dark green, cobalt blue, maroon) sweater with a white dress shirt. This look is an attractive, not-too-flashy, not-too-boring option.

2. Strip the Stripes

Standing out from other men can be crucial in making a positive first impression. Right now, stripes are “stylish,” but not the right kind of stylish. Nearly everyone wears striped dress shirts when they go out on the town. Consider wearing a dress shirt with a subtle or a unique pattern. It’s best to stay away from wearing a tie on the first date, so open up that collar and let your neck breathe. 

3. Kick the Khakis

Khakis may seem like a great option for everything, including a first date. Unfortunately, khakis tend to say “casual in the workplace,” instead of “casual first date.” They lack the sex appeal that comes with more stylish pants like jeans. Jeans may seem too casual, but in modern times they are the go-to choice. Don’t fall for those “fashionably distressed” jeans though. Stick to a dark blue, basic pair, and stay away from bleached, ripped, torn, or purposefully “rumpled” pairs.

4. Don’t Fear the Feet

Women love matching their shoes to their outfit, while men tend to pick from one of three possible pairs depending on the occasion. The good news is that this is okay - you can pretty much get away with wearing any shoes on a first date, so long as they aren't gross and look decently new. Make sure to polish them and remove any collected dirt on the sides and bottom of them. Women perceive men with cared for shoes as detail oriented. Detail-oriented people are more able to maintain a healthy relationship.

5. Dive Into The Details

Alright, so you have your outfit and you think you’re ready to go? Think again. While men don’t necessarily accessorize in the same way that women do, it is possible for men to personalize their look with the small details. If you are wearing a shirt with French cuffs, for instance, you can wear special cuff links that speak to your personality. Also, make sure to drop the white gym socks. You aren’t going to the gym; you’re going on a date. Wear a fun pair of dress socks. Any pair with bright colors or fun patterns is an excellent choice.



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