How To Look Cool (And Stay Stylish) in the Heat May 4, 2017 by Cathy (Day Styles)

Most of us love the hot days and smoky nights during the summer, but it can limit our sartorial choices. The sun is shining, we remove our layers, and people flock to the beach. But how do we dress nice and stay cool at the same time? From making sure you slather on the sunscreen to sweaty shirts, we need to be prepared for the heat. Let's figure out how to dress for hot weather while looking fabulous.

Flowing Dresses

You may think shorter is better but it’s not. Clothing experts agree that long and flowing garments actually keep you cooler than booty shorts or tighter clothing even if it's shorter. They allow for increased circulation and skin breathing instead of suffocating clothes that are fit to the skin. Long and flowing dresses can have tons of fun patterns and textures, so find a few for your summer wardrobe.

Festival-Style Straw Hats

Be very careful you don’t wind up with a hat that's more "Farmer Rick" than "Festival Fever." But, when chosen correctly, a breathable straw hat allows heat to escape while providing shade from the sun. Just don't go for a baseball cap or other blended fabrics in high heat, because all they do is trap heat and boil your head! They also don't look quite a stylish when paired with a sundress. A sweet and savvy straw hot can look hot while keeping you cool!

Ditch Your Slimming Black to Register Cool

Black is the last thing you need in the summer. If you wear black in the heat you’re going to be grumpy and sweaty in no time! We suggest grabbing pastels or light colors off the rack for the summer. It comes down to simple science. Dark colors absorb heat and light while lighter colors reflect and refract. Get scientifically stylish with light colors this season.

Breathe With Textured Fabrics

When you feel comfortable, you look comfortable. When purchasing your summer wardrobe make certain you go for summer fabrics with a unique texture. Linen, hopsack, oxford, and madras are all comfortable summer fabrics. Not only do they look stylish, but they are also functional. Each keeps the clothing slightly elevated from the surface of your skin, which means air can circulate under your clothes and your skin can breathe. So much more comfortable than spandex!

Wear Less Makeup

There’s nothing sexy about melting makeup, breakouts, and sweat! So go easy on the makeup when temperatures are rising. All you need is a moisturizer with SPF and maybe a hint of tint if you don’t want to tan. A touch of waterproof mascara and sensuous lip gloss is all you need to finish the look. This gives you the chance to show off your natural sun-kissed beauty during the day without cooking your face.

Rock a Slip Dress

There’s nothing easier in the summer than a slip dress. Add a pair of heels to glam it up or some cute sandals for a more casual vibe. You can choose from thousands of styles, patterns, and colors, keeping your wardrobe fresh and interesting. Airy, relaxed, and easy to wear, slip dresses make summertime fun!

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabric can be casual, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. Most importantly, sheer fabrics can breathe! You have the choice of full sheer or just sheer paneling that just gives you a little more coverage. So dare to get bare or choose a dress/blouse with a few sheer panels to add a little cool and airy style to your hot summer outfits.

Hydration Sensation

Looking good is about more than just your clothes - you need to feel good! This means drinking 8-10 glasses of water is a must in the summer heat. If you get thirsty you are already dehydrated and this means you have no energy, your mind isn’t thinking straight, and you are putting undue stress on your internal organs. The great news is there are tons of different fun drinking bottles you can buy to make you excited about drinking water! You can pick an infusers that adds a little flavor and a little color, a trendy chemical-free glass water bottle that's good for the environment and for your health, or a stainless-steel double-hulled bottle that keep your water icy cold! But hydration doesn't end with a nice water bottle. What about a cool shower? Don't towel off - leave a little water on your skin and let it evaporate over time. Fora  few dollars you can even purchase a small spray bottle (throw a little ice at the bottom of the bottle, too) and spritz a little cold mist on your face whenever you're burning up. It's a hydration sensation.

Sheets in the Freezer!

A good night's sleep is integral to looking good - keeping your eyes bright, skin fresh, and energy up. But what about those hot summer nights when you feel sticky and gross? Try putting your sheets into a freezer bag and keeping them in the freezer for about an hour in the evening. Then put the sheets back on the bed and relax on the refreshing cold! Next, ditch your duvet completely and use a light sheet instead. Sweet dreams!

Breezy Updos

Thick hair will drive you nuts in the heat, while tying your hair up is a natural way to cool down. You can you use an elastic, hair band, bandana, or a head scarf to craft a stylish updo. Figure out which accessory works best for you and take action. Thick gorgeous long locks are great, but not when you're overheating and your hair is streaked with sweat! Pull the hair back and up and get comfy today.

Use these stylish pointers to stay cool and look hot. Get creative  - get cool - and stay fabulous.



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