How To Pick The Right Sunglasses May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Branded sunglasses are so enticing, especially when these are stylishly displayed in store windows where people can't miss them. It always makes you wonder how fabulous they will look when you’re wearing them. So, when the time comes to finally try them on, disappointment settles in whenever their expectations are not met. The sunglasses they longed for end up being oversized, unattractive, or simply cost too much. There are many people who can relate to this scenario. Many of them have bought sunglasses directly from the store before without even trying them on. That's very unfortunate because of how much a simple pair of sunglasses can cost. So, to get the most out of what you have earned, buying sunglasses should be done only when you have learned the proper techniques on how to buy the perfect pair! The features of a person like face shape, face length, and hair color have to match with the sunglasses so as to achieve balance. To know the shape of their faces, you might have to pull your hair back and check their faces in the mirror. Then follow our guide to find the right sunglasses for your face!

Square Features

If by looking at the mirror you see a broad forehead and a prominent jaw with some strong cheekbones, the shape of that face is square. Since the features are already sharp, it needs to be downplayed. They should avoid wearing sunglasses in geometric shapes and very dark frames as these emphasize the angles of the face. The best sunglasses for this type of shape will be those that are slightly rounded, cat-eye, or oval, with gradient lenses. Gradient lenses are those that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom. 

Round Features

Those people with full cheeks, few angles, narrow jaw, and short forehead are considered to have a round face. It would be a good idea to keep away from round shades and colored lenses since these reinforce the main shape. To create an illusion of having a longer face, you could look for something with geometrical shapes such as rectangular or square ones, such as sporty Carrera sunglasses. Looking at hair color is another important thing to take note when buying sunglasses. Brunettes usually look good in bronze or gold colored frames. Blondes and redheads should go for amber shades. Those with square shaped faces with black hair should avoid very dark frames and use slightly subtle shades like greenish brown to complement their features.

Oblong Features

Moreover, others may have an oblong face shape. This is characterized by having a long face with narrow cheeks and a narrow chin. To achieve balance, they should stay away from very narrow frames and go with oversized or wraparound styles to draw attention to the eyes and less on the long shape.

Heart-Shaped Features

Others may find their face shapes similar to a heart with broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin. They should avoid rectangular shapes because these emphasize the cheeks. Since the cheeks are the widest part of a heart-shaped face, shades also have to be as wide as them. Good sunglasses for this type of face are the butterfly shaped ones. These are wide at the bottom and so these take the narrowness away giving that perfect balance. Those that wrap around the face will also be ideal since these sunglasses play on the angles.

Oval Features

Oval shaped faces are those that have a balanced forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The cheekbones are found higher than the middle of the face and the chin is narrower. This is what they call a classical face shape. Any kinds of sunglasses will work for this shape especially if they have soft angular frames. They could perhaps try women's RayBan sunglasses in aviator styles which come in a variety of choices.

These are just some of the things you should consider in selecting sunglasses that are suitable for their facial features and hair colors. Picking sunglasses in-storemay be time-consuming, but by knowing the face shapes, it is not as complicated as it seems. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you can definitely take your pick from several brands including the timeless women’s RayBan sunglasses and sporty Carrera sunglasses.



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