How To Make New Shoes More Comfortable Jun 3, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Bringing home a new pair of shoes is ALWAYS going to make you feel better - it’s just a fact. But how long does it take before you feel the dreaded “new shoe effect” on your feet? Your toes are pinching, the skin on your heel is peeling off, and it feels like you’re walking on broken glass - what do you do? Deal with the pain while you break in your shoes or toss them to the side? Fear not, there are some tried, tested, and true tricks that you can use to help make new shoes MUCH more comfortable.

Find The Perfect Fit

When you’re trying on new shoes, pay close attention to the fit of the shoe and make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Try on shoes at the end of the day as your feet are slightly swollen and larger than at the beginning of the day. Keep the shoes on your feet for a few minutes and walk around to make sure that your feet don’t slip or that they don’t rub your feet the wrong way. A good fit will reduce the blisters and pain of a new pair of shoes.

Stretch Them Out

Shoes that are too tight are probably the worst thing ever. Wear your shoes around the house before you go out to try and stretch the shoe into a better fit. Stop wearing them when they start to hurt and then repeat once your feet feel better. Wear some socks on your feet to speed up the process and apply heat to the tight spots with a blow dryer. Blow dry them in 30-second intervals while wearing them and make sure to keep the shoes on your feet while they cool off.

Make A Shield

The friction when your shoes rub against your skin is responsible for blisters and pressure points. If you know where you’re prone to getting blisters, nip them in the bud and get some moleskin padding in place before your night out. If your shoes are abrading your heels or toes because they are a bit big, add a gel insole or cushion for a better fit.

Have an Emergency Kit

Pain can show up on your foot hours after you’ve been in your shoes, so if you think you’re in the clear, you may be wrong. Always have a small kit of emergency supplies in your purse just in case. Pack a few bandages, some moleskin, or even a friction block stick for when you start to feel uncomfortable. If you’re really worried, find a pair of ballet flats that are designed to fold up and fit in a clutch. Although they are not the most fashion-forward option, they can be a life saver in a pinch! Don’t let your new shoes own you - own your new pair of shoes and enjoy your night!



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