Hottest August Styling Tips Aug 25, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

It’s hard to believe but, inevitably, summer is almost over. With that being said, there are some new fashion trends emerging in anticipation of cooling weather and shorter evenings. As we head towards the end August, it’s time for work to pick up the pace or for others to head back to school…but instead of being sad about the end of another beautiful summer, think of it as a chance to switch up your style or reinvent your look!


Hats are a great accessory for when the cooler weather is coming—keeping us a little warmer and, if you need, keeping the sun off our faces at the same time. There are so many different kinds of hats in different colors, style, brims, and accessorization - the options are endless. Find a hat that fits you properly and a style you can combine with your favorite outfits, and you’ll be good to go!


“Ikat” is the newest pattern that’s taking over everything from clothing to area rugs. There’s no wrong way to work this pattern into your outfits, and some would go as far as to call this pattern a neutral. Whether you have an awesome pair of printed high-waisted pants or an off-the-shoulder top, this print will definitely garner attention!


Denim is the perfect fabric for the end of summer; you wear jeans, denim shorts, or a chambray button up shirt. It’s easy for outdoor activities in the sun or when the weather is a little cooler. Pair whatever you choose with some light colors and you’ll be ending summer on a seriously high style note.


Maxi dresses are the perfect outfit for when it’s still warm out but no longer scorching! They are an all-in-one outfit that requires little to no thinking when you’re getting dressed and heading out the door. Pair your dress with a hat and some cute footwear and you’ll look like a movie star walking down the street. If you to spice things up, you can add a cute belt for a little stylish zing!


While I’m not into DIY, there are still some amazing projects we’ve seen splashed across Pinterest! Pompoms are making an epic comeback, and we see a ton of people using them to make bland accessories and clothing a bit more interesting. They add dimension and an awesome pop of color to an otherwise uninteresting item and can really take your style up to the next level!


The most trending color of summer this year has definitely been blush. Blush - whether it’s a solid color, part of a print, or a floral arrangement - is perfect if you’re looking for something light to combat the heat. If you have a skin tone that doesn’t match blush well, or it makes you look flushed, find some accessories in the color instead of making it part of your outfit.


Black is NEVER not trendy, so you knew it was coming! However, cuts and silhouettes are more on trend than not. For example, finding a little black dress with a Bardot neckline is one of the hottest trends happening right now. Complement your body type and find what works best for you. If you’re anything like me, black takes up 3/4 of your closet, so have fun and find new ways to wear it!



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