Haute Couture On A Budget May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

What is an haute couture? This is a frequent question in the fashion industry. Not being a free conscious design, it is a French phrase meaning "high sewing." It is entirely associated with handmade garments, designed from expensive and quality materials by the best craftspeople in the fashion design industry. The clothing is intended to fit an individual's actual body size and sent to workshops for embroidering, beading, and feathering. These models do not come in masses and greatly vary in designs. Some of the giant companies in the fashion industry like Dolce & Gabbana have brought life to couture amidst predictions of its death by unveiling some of its collections.

These garments take a very long time to be designed and sewn, hence being very expensive to buy. The daywear starts at an average price of $ 10,000 while the highly embroidered designs cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most people dream of these elegant hand-made gowns, but due to their budget constraints, they cannot acquire them. This name has however been associating with classy and expensive wear. For lovers of these hand-sewn garments, there are a few ways of recreating the look and appear haute couture on a budget. Here are some tips for achieving that look on a budget!

1. Embrace The Beads 

To have the classy appeal, grab a beaded dress, a blazer and ensure you concentrate on your color choices. Wearing neutrals and some pale pinks can be standard, but the black and gold-like details are also a perfect match. Don't forget to ensure the dress is a perfect fit. A bright beaded dress will cost you an average price of $ 270.99. 

2. Design Your Eyeliner 

To look elegant, go beyond charcoal rims and provide a graceful curve to your looks. Swath your upper eyelid with a black liner and extend beyond the cat eye flick. A budget of $ 23 is enough to get the perfect makeup. 

3. Hair Look 

Ensure your hair is sleek and classic with a good hairspray. Don't forget to use a quick spritz of dry shampoo to boost the shiny look of your hair. A globular under-tucked bun looks simple but has a regal sensibility. Just $ 29 is all you need for a vicious and flexible spray to keep you fresh all day. 

4. Corked Wedge Shoe 

When it comes to footwear, the cork wedge is the real deal. With an enclosed toe design, this shoe boasts of a classic look, funky with a natural twist and comfortable. At a price of $ 110, it gives you the touch of height. 

Couture is really elegant and aims at overshadowing the complicated and uncomfortable garments. The superior fabrics, perfect trimmings, and dyes bring out the distinction of design and production technique. Couture is produced to aim for the super-rich who love art collection. However, to feel the luxury of haute couture under shoe-string budget, you need to acquire the best and unique fashion wear ideas from fashion shows. It's all about demonstrating that regal look with something unique and expensive. Being exquisite art pieces, the only way to acquire the look is through sneaky fashion tactics.



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