Fall Fashion Must-Haves Staples Sep 8, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Premium Leather Biker Jacket, TOPSHOP, $320.00

For many people, fall is their favorite season to add to their closets. With the cooler weather, the options for fashion increases tremendously as outerwear, boots, pants, and sweaters are now staples in everyone’s wardrobe. Each year there are always a few “must have” items that everyone wants to purchase, but before you splurge make sure you have the staples for fall ready because without these, your closet may fall short.

The Biker Jacket

Kristen Stewart wearing a biker jacket

The “biker jacket” is a bomber type leather jacket mostly seen in black. It has accessories on it such as multiple zippers, buttons, studs, fringes, and sometimes fur. You can pair a biker jacket with pretty much anything from denim to dresses to culotte style pants. To make sure it fits right, the jacket should end at your natural waist and should fit snug in the shoulders and arms. It’s most often worn open but with cooler weather, it can be worn done up as well.


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