Daniel Wellington's Classic Watch - DayStyles Review Feb 19, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

I first discovered Daniel Wellington when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, back in 2015. The watches stood out to with such a minimalistic design. They are uniquely identifiable solely due to how restrained and almost invisible they are.

The watches come in either silver or rose gold and have an unadorned white face with slim lines marking each hour while the hands are equally as thin, almost (but not quite!) unreadable. The faces come in a range of sizes, from 26mm to 40mm. The bands are interchangeable, and there’s a variety to choose from – including brown and black leather and NATO-style webbing straps in a variety of colors. The company describes themselves as tailored to a more “preppy” look, which is true! I immediately chose my favorite combination and added a Daniel Wellington to my Christmas list.

The watches are quite inexpensive, the most expensive being $299. Right now, they are more popular overseas in the UK, but they’re quickly making their way to North America where social media is increasing their popularity. Personally, I love the look of Daniel Wellington, the leather strap and the clean face wear nicely with almost any look you want. It’s so lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear I sometimes forget that I’m even wearing a watch! It comes packaged in a beautiful leather box with a manual, a two-year warranty, and replacement pins.

I love how easy it is to use and wear. Other watches have multiple dials and fancy settings, but the simplicity of the Daniel Wellington watch is what attracted me in the first place. In the year that I’ve owned a Daniel Wellington watch, the time has always stayed correct without any adjustments. The watch is quite trendy and there are many different bands to choose from if you want to add a little bit of individuality to the watch. The fact that it’s so simple to change the strap is definitely a plus! However, if you’re someone who enjoys flashy items, this watch probably isn’t for you. The only option you have is the plain white face with either silver or rose gold detailing. I wish they had a gold option, but maybe in the future they’ll design one that’s gold plated.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this watch to anyone interested in an elegant and minimalist design! It’s inexpensive and able to match anything you wear. It’s classic and trendy and people pay attention to its clean design – not because it’s overly flashy. It’s only as noticeable as you want it to be. If you wear it with the leather strap, it’s much less noticeable than if you pair it with a brightly colored strap! The choice is yours.



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