Crucial Items in Every Fashion Girls Handbag Oct 7, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

If you’re a fashion “it” girl, there’s no doubt you carry around a handbag with you no matter where you go. There are always basic necessities that every girl has, and it may vary from person to person. But for the most part, there are a few products and tools that you will always want to have on hand if you’re a social butterfly going from event to event.

We have come up with the following items that every It-Girl should have in her handbag no matter what the occasion. If you use a smaller handbag or a clutch, you may need to scale down this list and take only what is absolutely necessary.

Safety Pins

You never know when you’re going to break a piece of jewelry or accidentally rip a dress. Having a few safety pins in your purse can be the difference between having a wardrobe malfunction or not. Throw a few of them in a side pocket of your purse to save yourself from fashion embarrassment.


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