Best Ways To Switch Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall Oct 31, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

We’re knee deep in falling leaves, cute scarfs, and pumpkin spice, so it’s time to put away the last pieces from your summer wardrobe and commit to fall! Some of us love the fall season and embrace layers and jackets and hats and scarves...but some of us love the summer and may have clung to a few unseasonal items. But now that October is almost over, here are some great pointers on how to make the final transition to fall (and winter) less painful and more fun!

Mix Fall Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Instead of wearing bright neons or pastels, try incorporating the colors of fall! Red, yellow, orange, maroon, dark green - from changing to leaves to the fall harvest, there’s an endless array of natural options to start incorporating. If you tend to stick to one color like myself (I think 2/3 of my closet is black) then use brightly-colored accessories! Hats, scarves, and sweaters are all a great way to integrate a splash of autumn color.

Embrace Leather

Grab a leather bomber jacket and throw it on overtop of your favorite summer dresses. If the weather calls for it, throw a scarf on as well. The jacket and the scarf instantly bring the summer dress to fall with ease, and the whole look is really cute, so you’ll probably get a ton of compliments too.

Swap Light Colors for Dark

If you’re still wearing white jeans and a floral top from the summer, all you need to do for fall is a simple swap! Change your light-colored jeans with some dark wash denim, and swap your floral top for something more somber—maroon, gray, or my favorite, black, are always hits in the fall. But don't worry, you can still rock browns and camels!

Switch Up Your Nails

With summer, our nail polish choices tend to be lighter, brighter and - let’s face it - pinker. Switch up your bright colors for something that aligns with the fall more. Try neutral beige, a dark maroon, or some shimmery metallics!


Switch up your sandals and mules and put on a pair of leather or suede ankle booties for fall! You can wear them with your favorite skinny jeans or pants, or you can be bold and pair some ankle booties with a dress, showing off your legs for as long as possible!

Faux Fur

Fall is the perfect time to wear that faux fur vest that you’ve had in your closet all year! Pair it with some nice denim, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a big chunky scarf, and you’re reading to go for a walk no matter the temperature.

Utilize Your Dresses

Just because it’s fall and the temperatures are dropping, doesn’t mean that you should be putting all of your dresses away. Try pairing your shirt dresses with a pair of leggings or thicker tights underneath, and you’ll be ready to face the cooler temperatures. You can even use a pair of knee high boots, or ankle booties. Get outside and show off your wardrobe while enjoying the crisp air and fall foliage!



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