8 Top Fashion Apps Dec 22, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

For all of the fashion girls (and boys) out there who struggle to put down their phone, there are a ton of amazing fashion apps covering everything from closet organization to shopping. Here’s a list of the top fashion apps to help you expand your wardrobe and your sartorial knowledge.

1. Shop It To Me

Shop It To Me is an app that notifies you as soon as items from brands you like go on sale in your size. Users fill out a personal profile giving the app the sizes of clothing and shoes they want, as well as the top brands that they prefer. When the items go on sale they will appear in your feed, or you can ask them to give you a push notification, so you never miss a deal!

2. The Hunt

The Hunt

This app allows you to join a community of people searching for items they find on Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr. When you find something you want online just upload a photo to The Hunt and the app community will help you track down the item you’re looking for and give you all of the shopping details that you need. It's a huge time saver and let’s other people find the items you want, so you don’t have to!


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