5 Summer Fashion Disasters You Should Never Wear Jul 13, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

The summer is officially here. It's time to get out in the sun and have some fun. Summer is also the best time to find some nice clothes to wear. While at it, you might want to find something that fits in with the atmosphere. There have been a few summer fashion disasters out there, and in the era of social media, you don't want to be the one to experience a wardrobe malfunction. Let's look at some really bad summer bombs you should avoid!

1. Flip-Flops Are A No-No

Sure, your flip flops are going to come in handy when you are heading out to the beach on a blistering hot afternoon. They have an easy design to them and are great when it comes to bailing you out when it's you against the weather. However, they are an absolute disaster if you are heading to the office. Even if you are going for a casual meeting, stay away from this type of wear because it will only earn you more than a few scolding looks. Even mall fashion does not exactly endorse this kind of wear; you never know who you might bump into.

2. Socks Will Embarrass You

To avoid sunburns on their feet, some women will throw on some socks, wear some floaters or sandals over them, and then head out. Well, this should never be allowed to go unaddressed. See, the problem here is that there is really no good summer outfit that goes with socks. If you really want those socks, at least make sure that you leave the sandals at home and go with floaters.

3. Avoid Tight Clothes

Sometimes, we buy clothes in the summer and when summer is gone, a good number of us keep the attire for some other day. However, many of us gain a few pounds over the winter and then when we try and wear our favorite outfits from last year we are literally spilling out of our best clothes! This s a really bad idea for a summer because we all tend to get sweaty. If you are sweaty under tight clothes and those sweat lines are showing, you are pretty much done for. If last summer's wardrobe has become too tight, then ditch it for something that works or wait until you work off those pounds.

4. Wrong Top Combinations

Even when it’s sizzling hot out there, avoid the temptation to go with a muffin top. A crop top and jeans or skirt simply do not go together no matter how much you want it. However, if you have a well-toned midriff, there might be little harm in trying it out.

5. The Right Shorts For Men

We understand that men need to stay cool during the summer, so it is reasonable that you might want to throw on some shorts. If you have to, grab a solid cotton pair and don't just wear your bathing suit on the street. Stay away from the nylon types that tend to compact around your body when you sweat. While at it, avoid the temptation to rock those shorts with a vest. It is the zany and awkward look that doesn't work as well as you think it works - and you don't want all that skin in the sun all day. Keep it classy and stay cool, ladies and gentlemen.



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