5 Summer Clothing Items That You Must Have In Your Wardrobe Jun 8, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

The warm summer sun is coming and you need your wardrobe in check for the new season. Put your heavy jackets away and prepare yourself for a sizzling array of new fashions. It’s tough to decide which skin-baring outfit will work best with your body, or whether to keep an oversized shirt handy, but this list will help ou figure it all out! Here are the 5 most essential pieces for summer.

1. T-shirt Dress

It’s a casual item that works well with the humid weather of the summer. You don’t have to worry about matching pants and tops; just put this on and you’re good to go. A good t-shirt dress should flatter your body and show off a little leg. One thing you will love about t-shirt dresses is the wide choices available plus it goes with any type of shoe! It doesn’t matter if you wear it with boots, sandals, sneakers or a denim jacket; a t-shirt dress always looks good in the summer.

2. Flirty Skirt

There is nothing that screams summer like an elegant flirty skirt. They were the rage last summer and have come back a second time for the coming summer. Every lady can find a skirt that suits them perfectly. Flirty skirts with pleats, colorful floral patterns, and bright colors often work best. You could accessorize it with a big belt if you want to highlight your waistline, or a jacket and sandals. Tall and lean body types are best suited for something above the knees with bold floral patterns. A knee-length hem or just below the knees works best for petite women. 

3. A Jumpsuit

It is one of those summer staples that don’t take much to pull off; a romper or jumpsuit is good any summer day. You could go with colorful floral patterns and prints and vary the fabrics to get the perfect jumpsuit. If you are going for sophistication, look for a black number that fits your body well. A fine jumpsuit just needs jewelry and nice heels to turn it into the perfect dinner party outfit.

4. One Shoulder Top

The one-shoulder top will come in handy on those hot summer days when you still want to look stylish without having to do much. The ruffles and ties of this top make it classy and playful at the same time which is basically what you are going for in the summer. Have one in a color that flatters your complexion. What’s more, they don’t need too much accessorizing, it’s how to look good without even trying.

5. Baggy Pants

Pulling these off might seem like an insurmountable task for the petite ladies but you need not worry because there is always a way to make them work. Apart from the comfortable feel, such pants can cover up a lot of things. A good pair of wide legged slacks would go well with a tank top. You could also add a blazer on top of them and you are dressed for work. 

As you gear up for summer, your dress code should be fresh. Don’t forget to shop around for some hats and sunglasses for these trendy outfits. It also helps to have a pair of sandals or summer rubber shoes.



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