25 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget Jul 6, 2017 by Nancy (Day Styles)

2. Clean Out Closets and Drawers

On a day when you have no plans, take everything out of your closet(s) and drawers. There is a good chance that you will discover items you forgot that you had. Believe it or not, many women make purchases and forget. Only after going through their closets and drawers do they discover things with tags still on. Even if you do not find anything new, this gives you the opportunity to start creating outfits. When organizing your clothes, hang things back up according to color. For folded clothes, keep your everyday shirts, shorts, and jeans separated from your nicer pieces. If you want, you can even pull out all of your fall and winter clothes and box them up until needed. By going through this exercise, not only will you be amazed at what you have, it will also be easier to create stunning summer outfits.

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