25 Best Summer Fashion Trends For Your Kids! Jun 26, 2017 by Nancy (Day Styles)

Just like most adults, kids from infants to teenagers love wearing trendy clothes. This summer, kids can dress the way they want thanks to multiple awesome fashion trends. Whether dressing up or dressing down, your kids will look cute, stylish, and age appropriate.

1. Denim

Although most people think of denim as more of a fall and winter material, for the summer of 2017, it's in high demand for kids clothes! This year, parents and kids alike love the multiple options for denim, including shorts, rompers, skirts, vests, and more. For little girls, a denim skirt with a ruffled edge coupled with a short-sleeve summer top looks great. For older girls, denim shorts paired with a colorful tee is all the rage. Little boys can also look great by choosing denim shorts, a short-sleeve colored shirt, belt, and cute summer sandals. Older boys still gravitate to designer jeans. However, because so many budget brands have amped up their selection, there is no need to pay a lot for stylish boy's jeans. For the best look, whether a boy or girl, consider a shirt or blouse in one of this summer's hot colors.

2. Summertime Colors

In 2016, summer colors were darker with a richer tone, but this year, the colors in highest demand include beige, rose, cream, light blue, sand, coffee, melon, apricot, aqua blue, light yellow, and pink. Because the current summertime colors are muted and subtle, kids can wear them for casual and formal occasions. Not only are these colors stylish, they are also cooler to wear, meaning they keep kids feeling comfortable even on hot days. For girls, beige- or cream-colored shorts matched with a rose-colored top is popular. For boys, shorts in a coffee or sand color paired with a light blue shirt is the preferred look. Even though only a handful of colors made the 2017 list, there are endless possibilities for creating a fashionable look.

3. Natural Materials

Another kids' fashion trend is the use of natural materials. Over the last few years, an increasing number of designers have pulled away from using synthetics materials to be more environmentally friendly. However, this year, the number of designers turning to natural materials has increased. The materials used most often include cotton, silk, linen, and cashmere. While some parents may think that silk, linen, and cashmere are too extravagant for kids, these are excellent materials for summer. For one thing, all of the natural materials used this year are cool. Regardless of the outside temperature, kids stay comfortable. Also, most designers are adding things like ribbon, embroidery, and lace to enhance girls clothes, which make summertime outfits cuter than ever before while being easy to maintain. Whether plain, patterned, or embellished, natural materials are trending.

4. "Transformers" Pants

This year, you can expect to see a lot of boys and girls enjoying the summer fashion trend of "Transformers" pants. In honor of "Transformers" characters, these pants come in a wide range of colors and styles. Boys love black "Transformers" pants that feature blue or green neon striping. These trendy pants also come in various designs, including symbols and characters associated with the box office hit "Transformers" series. However, girls can also get in on the fun by wearing "Transformers" pants in the way of tights, which also come in a broad range of colors, symbols, and characters. Made from lightweight materials, "Transformers" pants are cool and comfortable. Kids dressed in "Transformers" pants will be in style this year. In addition to clothes worn outside of the home, "Transformers" pajamas are a big fashion trend this year for boys and girls!

5. Going Retro

Along with new and exciting clothing designs, retro is back, or perhaps never went anywhere. A younger girl can dress up in a black-and-white checkered play set, a red gingham picnic dress, or a cute puffy-sleeved summertime dress. For boys, sleeveless sports jerseys, 80s style T-shirts, loose-fitting sports shorts, unique vests, and button-down dress shirts are among the hottest summertime fashion trends. You can find virtually any retro clothing style that you want, whether through a local or online store. However, to keep your kids in step with fashion this year without spending much money, you should visit your local thrift stores. There, you will discover an incredible selection of retro items in excellent condition. Instead of your child feeling like the kid with nothing modern to wear, he or she will lead the way wearing retro clothes.


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