25 Chic Accessories You Need for Summer Jun 14, 2017 by Nancy (Day Styles)

During the summer, the right accessories will enhance any look. Regardless if you are wearing shorts, jeans, a summer dress, an evening gown, or even a swimsuit, you can look your best with an incredible array of accessories.

1. Shoes for Any Occasion

One of the best accessories for summer (as well as fall, spring, and winter), is shoes. Most women adore shoes and look for any excuse to buy a new pair. The great thing about shoes for summertime is that you can choose something semi-dressy or casual to wear with shorts, rompers, and sundresses. Even for a special event, perhaps a Fourth of July barbecue, you could wear a pair of red flat sandals to complement a cute blue-and-white polka dot off-the-shoulder sundress.

Wedges are always a great option. Available in different heights, colors, and styles, these shoes look great anytime and anywhere. With casual sandals and wedge shoes, you can change the look of your wardrobe by slipping on a different pair. Both of these options come in a broad range of styles that look gorgeous. Because of their versatility and the thousands of possibilities, shoes are the number 1 accessory for summer.


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