Unicorn Eyeliner Is Here And You Don’t Want to Miss It Dec 8, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Unicorns are a popular fantasy creature with artists and hair stylists taking a lot of inspiration from this beautiful animal. This just in - unicorn eyeliner is the latest trend! Check out this amazing unicorn horn eyeliner and follow a fun tutorial to try it out yourself.

Unicorn Horn Eyeliner

Krissiikiwii / Instagram

Creating unicorn horn eyeliner starts with a cat eye look with a lot of color and a lot of glitter. Turn the tail of the cat eye into a unicorn horn! You can use whatever colors of liner you like, but you must make sure you include A LOT of glitter. It’s the perfect look for hitting the town with your girlfriends if you want to a look that really pops (and let’s not forget it’s a great idea for parties and Halloween!) If you love unicorns this is a great way to incorporate them into your everyday look. For everyone else, this trend will keep us bright and sparkly.


Grab some of your favourite colors and check out this YouTube tutorial from Kayla Rose. You can make your own unicorn horn look at home following these simple tips and tricks. She also listed her supplies if you want to use some amazing colors and products. Just don’t forget the glitter!



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