Turn Old Markers Into Nail Polish Corrector Pens! Feb 23, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Nail polish corrector pens are a great tool to have handy if you love to do your own manicure and especially if you’re not that great at painting your nails with the wrong hand - like me. In this day and age, you can find a tutorial on pretty much anything, so we found a pretty awesome one for creating your own nail polish corrector pens out of old used markers! It’s quick, easy, and cheap.


This simple tutorial uses items that you typically have lying around your house and is quite easy to make (trust me - if I can do it, you can do it too). These pens aren’t just a good way to remove nail polish from your hands or nails, but they are also good to use if you accidentally dripped some nail polish onto the table in the process - oops! Instead of spending your hard-earned money on over-priced corrector pens at your drugstore, just DIY with these simple tools: markers, tweezers, nail polish remover, and a bowl. (Just keep some paper towel or a cloth handy in case you spill anything.)

 Step 1

Remove the bottom of the marker, but make sure you don't pour ink everywhere. For some markers, it can be a bit tricky to get the bottom off. You may need some extra tools (or an extra strong person), and for this part, craft pliers work well.

Step 2

Remove the ink filter from inside the marker with your tweezers. It’s probably best to throw on a pair of disposable rubber gloves for this step because it can get messy depending on how empty your old markers are.

Step 3

Using the tweezers, hold the ink filter under running cold water. Rinse the entire filter out until all the color is gone, or so you don’t see any color in the stream of water. Once the filter is empty, it should look off-white and new again (hopefully).

Step 4

Hold the marker container under cold water as well, so that the tip of the marker is at the bottom. You need to rinse the tip of the marker to remove the remaining ink, so, like the filter, rinse it until the water runs clear. The tip should be clear when you’re done, however, if there is some faint discoloration left over that’s totally normal.

Step 5

Hold the ink filter over a bowl and pour nail polish remover into the filter until it’s full, using the bowl to catch any spills. Soak the tip of the marker in nail polish remover as well. Put some extra nail polish remover into a bowl (or use any left over from filling the filter) and let it absorb it up.

Step 6

Place the filter back into the marker container and pop the bottom back on, making sure it’s tightly closed and won’t leak. You can even label the new marker with some tape or a label maker!

Step 7

Test it out! Get out your nail polish and see if your newest DIY project helps you with your manicure. The whole process (maybe after you’ve made one or two) should only take around five minutes! Easy, cheap, and super useful if you have any trouble with your manicure - like yours truly.

If you need a video tutorial to help you out, click here for the inspiration for this article from xoJahtna.



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