Summer Style 2016: New Beauty Trends You Need To Try Jun 3, 2016 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Rose Gold Cheeks

If you’ve been using a pink for your blush for a while, now’s the time to switch it up for a rose gold blush. Rose gold adds warmth to any complexion, and it’s one of the easiest ways to add a glow to your look without going through the process of adding highlighter and luminizers. When you want to use rose gold blush, a cream blush is the best choice to use as it can be easily buffed into the skin to create a seamless blushed look. Use a slightly damp sponge to work it into the cheeks, or if you want you can even use just your fingertips (just make sure it’s blended well).

Naturally Flushed Lips

If you’re like me and aren’t totally comfortable rocking a bright red lip, you’re in luck! This season it’s much more on-trend to stick with a natural lip color! Think of it as more of a slight lip enhancement, a color just a bit brighter than your natural lip - like you just bit them! To ensure that your lips look effortlessly beautiful, find a shade just a touch brighter than your lip and stick to shades that have a slight sheen to them, as matte finishes can look dry and glossy ones don’t look as natural.

Get out there and embrace the sun in these five trends and you’ll find a new sparkle in your step in no time!

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