PLASTIC SURGERY: More Common Than You Think! Aug 4, 2015 by Cathy (Day Styles)

If you are in the entertainment industry having some sort of plastic surgery procedure is pretty much expected. The gynormous pressures when you’re under the lights is extremely stressful. Whether she’s a model, actress, television star or just a celebrity spokesperson, everyone is on the cutting edge of the picnic basket loaded with cosmetic treatments and surgeries. It’s a cut-throat industry and if your boobs aren’t perfectly perky, your nose straight, and your tummy tucked, you can lose your ability to compete. So sad but so true.

What’s extra tough is the fact you can’t have a bad hair or bloaty day EVER! You are constantly photographed and this means you’ve got to be on your best game 24/7. And when these cameras are specialty high-definition that makes it worse! Every wrinkle and crease is the focus and that just gives you a complex.

The answer does not lay in letting nature take its toll and the sagging and wrinkles best remain untouched. The celebs look to elite specialists that know how to expertly reconstruct their face, arms, butt, legs, nose, eyes, and anything else they aren’t happy with. EEK.

Here are some of the most popular celeb plastic surgery adventures you should know!


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