Picking The Best Makeup For Your Skin Tone May 14, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Finding the ideal makeup that compliments your skin tone (skin undertone) can be a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be. From selecting the right shade of foundation to picking the perfect blush in a pallet of rosy reds or corals, the options can a confusing as they are alluringly attractive.

Finding your ideal makeup in the shimmery sea of goodness can be pretty straightforward when you know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

1. Identify Your Skin Tone

By wearing a white t-shirt and looking into your mirror, you get to see your skin clearly in incandescent or natural light; fluorescent and yellow lights reflect off the skin. Your skin will either appear more blue-pink (for cool skin tones) or more yellow-red (for warm skin tones).

A person's skin tone is the color under the skin when enhanced or reflected against white and not the actual skin color. There are several skin colors but only 2 basic skin tones, cool and warm.

2. Evaluate The Skin Color

Your skin will fall into either the dark, olive, medium or fair skin color categories. People might have similar skin colors but different skin tones. This is majorly determined by your genetic makeup and ethnicity.

Most of us are in-between skin colors, and not particularly aligned to one. By determining your closest category, you find your color palette faster.

3. Foundation Base

If your skin appears slightly darker during summer, you might have to switch your foundations between winter to summer. To test how particular foundation blends with your skin, the jawbone, and lower cheeks are the best places.

Foundations can either be blue-based or yellow-based. Several makeup lines use suggestive words such as 'warm honey' or 'cool beige' to give a hint. You need to;

Settle for a cool-color foundation which has pink or blue undertones for people with cool skin tones.
If you have a warm skin tone, choose a yellow-toned foundation.
People with darker skin should not use foundations which make them look ashey; in such cases, it is best to try yellow-based foundations or a different color.

4. Blush

The perfect blush will not only compliments your skin but also blends into it. Always settle for subtle blushes which highlight your cheeks without looking streaky; it should be within the person's skin tone range. For the best results, you should;

-For a warm skin tone, try out tawny or beige.
-For cool and fair skin types, shades of rose or pink are the best.
-Those with medium skin tones should use coral, peach or apricot blush. Copper and brown blushes best suit people with olive skin.
-Darker-skinned people with warm skin tones should use burnt orange-bronze while those with cool skin tones look best in shades of plums blush.

5. Eye Shadow

Darker-skinned types find it easier to wear bolder eyeshadow. If your skin tone is warm, eye shadows with a golden hue, such as pinks, gold, browns, and greens, would look attractive on you. Cool skin types find plums, pinks, silver, grays, and blues ideal for their skin colors and tones.

6. Lipstick

Warm and fair skin types may wear lipsticks in warm reds or pink while those with cool skin types look great in cool pink or purple. All lipsticks in pinks, reds, beige and warm browns look complimentary on olive skins.

Dark and cool skin tones can wear sheer pink gloss, rose, red or purples. Pale brown warm shades (such as champagne) or warm browns and reds are ideal for warm skin tones.



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