Our Five Favorite Lip Colors for Summer Jun 7, 2017 by Taylor (Day Styles)

Lipstick has the effect to brighten your look with the slightest of efforts. Since some girls don’t like eye makeup, lipstick is usually the key element to their look. Summer is here, which calls for new and glamorous lip colors. If you are getting ready to catch some sun, peachy-corals, cool tones of berry and shades of red are viable options. Here are some trending colors that would look great on you this summer, whether you choose a glossy or matte finish;

1. Hues of Red

Red lipstick has always worked regardless of the season and summer is particularly a good time for true reds. Shades of red never fail you whether you are at a casual outing or a party. Relentless red is one of the shades that works great for any occasion. The matte lipstick is bright with pinkish tones. You can either go with retro matte or coral matte; either way, it works with any skin tone. Candy apple red is also another interesting shade of red. It is vibrant and doesn’t need too much makeup to pull off.

2. Bright Pink

Summer is all about having fun and what better way to get the perfect look than bright pink hues. Neon pink is one of the favorites if we are talking fabulous pink hues for summer. Finding the right pink hue for your complexion might seem like a daunting task but it’s easy, really. Consider the undertone of the lipstick according to your complexion and you will find a punk pink that is just right for you.

3. Nudes

The thing with nude hues is that they are a good alternative to switch to at any time of the year when you’ve had red on for too long. When it’s summer time, nude hues are the perfect complement to sun-kissed skin. Rosy nudes and neutral brown colors are great choices for a sun excursion. Nudes are also the perfect choice if you are looking to enhance your smoky eyes this summer. However, as you pick through nude colors, be sure to avoid colors that are too pale; they just might look pasty in the summer sun. Get a palette of different nude shades and make it more fun by blending the colors however you like.

4. Orange

This is not one for the faint-hearted. However, it looks absolutely fabulous when you do pull it off. The sassy color is a downright showstopper and the brighter orange hues like electric orange deserve an outfit to go with. Cooler hues like burnt orange are more subtle if you want something that can take you through the day and make a smooth transition into the night.

5. Corals 

They can be a bit intimidating before you try them on but for summer they are a must-try. Tan complexions especially look great with such colors. Whether you choose soft smoky corals, medium corals or bright pink colors, one thing is for sure; they will match your outfit perfectly.

The right colors for summer are eye-catching and bold. Lipstick shades that reflect the bright weather are most welcome. There are plenty of bright colors to go with and you shouldn’t have any trouble landing on something you’ll want to stick to for the whole of the summer.




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