The Next Big Makeup Trend: Neon Eyeliner Mar 2, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Last year had awesome eyeliner trends and “unicorn eyeliner” was a personal favorite of mine. But 2017 has started off on an awesome makeup foot, and I’m now totally obsessed with neon eyeliner! Instagram is one of the best places to find our next major makeup inspiration, and this neon eyeliner takes 3D makeup to a new level. You may be wondering how you can achieve something so awesome? It’s easier than you may think.

The Basics

Start with white or silver eyeliner as the major focal point and then it’s just up to your personal preference to decide what type of design you want to use.  Use a bright colored liner or shadow and line the white/silver liner that you’ve already placed. Smudge it so it looks smokey around the white/silver liner. Normally, makeup artists use a dark smokey eye to pair with the liner to make it stand out even more.  To add color, place a bright colored shadow onto the white liner and watch it transform into eye-popping neon instantaneously!


Check out this fun Neon Lights Eyeliner Tutorial from Kristen Leanne Style if you want to watch a youtuber try this striking look. This way you can see how they do it and give it a whirl at home for your next awesome party. The result is a hot new style that no one will ever forget and, best of all, it's easier than you think!



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