Holiday Makeup Look Ideas Dec 16, 2015 by Sarah (Day Styles)

The holidays are a special time to get together with friends and family and everyone seems to be holding some kind of holiday party. A lot of people tend to wear sparkle and velvet during the holiday time, but what should we do regarding our makeup? There are a few different makeup trends that are great to pull off during the holidays and can help you stand out at your holiday parties!

All Over Matte

Instead of going for some sparkle or shimmer makeup, opt for an all-over matte finish. Use matte foundation all over your face as well as matte eyeliner and neutral matte eye shadow. If you’re brave enough opt for a striking bold matte lip in red or burgundy.

Bright Color Eye Liner

Instead of using the typical black eyeliner, go for a rich jewel tone liner and pair it with black liquid liner. If you want to really wow people, do a turquoise liner on the bottom of your eye and stick with black on the top. The contrast will draw a massive amount of attention to you and will shine as bright as the decorative lights. If you have green eyes, you can really make the green pop by using some magenta liner, and if you have blue eyes, then you can make the blue pop by using a reddish violet color.

Coral Lips

If you want to play your outfit up more and focus less on your makeup, try using a coral lip. Make your skin as flawless and matte as possible and dust some rosy pink on your cheeks. Use a coral gloss to top everything off and you’ll be holiday party ready in no time.

Purple Eye Shadow

Purple eyeshadow is one of the biggest trends in makeup this holiday season. It’s a great alternative to neutral shades and it’s so much more fun to play with! A lot of people are easily able to pull off a purple eye shadow. However, to avoid making it look too “costume-y”, opt for a light plum shadow, you can even add some shimmer to it if you’d like, and keep the mascara black and the liner black along the waterline of your eye.

Light Smokey Eye

If you don’t wear a lot of eye makeup, in general, a lighter smokey eye might be what you’re after. You can layer a nude shade with some light gray or light brown on top and avoid using eyeliner altogether. Use some brown mascara or just go very light with the black mascara to top off the look.

Deep Berry Lips

Deep berry lips are one of the trends this winter that is a bit trickier to pull off. The vampy color, almost black, can look extremely glamorous if done the right way, however. Opt to go heavy with mascara with a bit of eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyes and you don’t need much else as the lip is so extremely bold, and always be careful not to get any on your teeth, as this color will definitely be noticeable.


Missing your sun-kissed skin during the cooler months? Instead of using a blush on your cheeks this winter, use some bronzer instead! Go with a shade that’s only one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone in order to avoid it looking fake. This makeup look will keep you bright and glowing during all of your parties and gatherings this year!



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