How to Find the Perfect Shade of Foundation Mar 13, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Perfect foundation has to be one of the hardest types of make up to find! There are so many different options to choose from, it’s hard to figure out which one is going to work from you (especially when you try to avoid the samples at the drugstore that have been used way too often already). If you choose a shade that’s too light, you risk looking like a complete ghost. If you choose a shade that’s too dark, you risk looking like you spent a little too long in a tanning bed, and if you are a woman with olive or brown skin it can be even harder to find the right foundation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to makeup or if you’ve been using makeup for twenty years, you need to start with the very basics in order to find the perfect foundation - and we’ve got you covered with tips that can help you out!

Step One

Find out if your skin is light, medium or dark. This part is pretty obvious but you can make a judgement call. Once you’ve found which category you fall into, you can play with different shades to find your exact colour. You’ll also want to take note if your skin is naturally dry, oily, or somewhere in the middle. This can differentiate what type of foundation you use. You’ll also need to decide what type of finish you’re looking for with your foundation; matte, radiant, or natural.

Step Two

Next, you have to identify your undertone. This is one of the most important (and most forgotten about) steps in finding the perfect foundation shade. All of us fall into one of three different categories; warm, cool or neutral. To determine which you are, look at the inside of your arm. Warm tones will have a peach tone (or yellow) to the skin, causing your veins to look green. Cool tones have a pink tone, and your veins will look blue. If you can’t tell the difference, you probably fall into the neutral zone.

Step Three

Once you know your shade and undertone you can pick out foundations that match your skin type and desired finish. Now you have to test them. Match the colour of your foundation to your neck. We’ve all seen those people who slather on the foundation without matching it to their neck and ending up with distinct line between the two. Swipe a line of foundation from the jaw line to the base of your neck, and the foundation that is closest to your skin tone will be the one for you!

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect shade for you, don’t fret - there are people and tools that can help you figure it all out! Some brands have online tools that can help you match your skin to a shade, or you can go as far as to visit a makeup artist to have them help you! As an added tip, if the foundation you choose doesn't come with sunscreen in it, make sure to put sunscreen on before your foundation for a smooth finish and to avoid fine lines and wrinkles caused by continued exposure to the sun.



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