5 Effective Ways to Minimize Your Pores Apr 17, 2017 by Sarah (Day Styles)

Flawless skin needs to be smooth and vibrant, and it’s essential to minimize the appearance of pores. We all want perfect skin and sometimes we go a bit crazy to get it - in a study done by Harris Interactive (sponsored by L’Oreal), 23% of women said that they would give up their favorite cocktails for an entire year just to have smaller pores. Luckily we don’t have to sacrifice our Cosmopolitans, instead, here are some great ways to minimize the appearance of pores that are crazy easy, and not just…crazy.


Using a combination of both facial scrubs and chemical exfoliating agents is key to keeping your pores looking small. They help to remove the dead skin cells sitting on the top layer of your skin, which helps to make the opening of the pores look smaller. When you use a chemical exfoliant, it helps dissolve the dirt in your pores, cleaning them out and sending your pesky blackheads running for the hills.

Retinol Treatments

When you use retinol-based skin care products, it helps to get rid of the binding agent that the cells use when they clog your pores. Retinol is a special form of Vitamin A that stimulates skin regeneration, resurfacing and freshening your skin. Using retinol a few times each week will help ensure the skin cells don’t stick together and make your pores look larger!


When you expose your skin to UVA and UVB rays, it creates free radicals that bond with your skin causing damage to your proteins. This, in turn, slows down cell production and forcing your skin to work harder (and age faster!) When this happens, the outermost part of the skin called the “stratum corneum” thickens, and the pores on the face become more cavernous and pronounced! Using sunscreen can help prevent that from happening, so be sure to apply a thick layer of protection and reapply over the course of the day.

Wash Effectively

Keeping your face clean is key to reducing the size of your pores. You should always wash your face twice per day (morning and night) and use a pH-balanced cleanser. You can even opt to use a cleansing tool or brush to get a deep clean.

Steam Treatments

Steam helps to remove any built up dirt in the pores. Pour some boiling water into a bowl and add in some fresh rose petals, lavender, pansy, rosemary, basil, and mint, and put your face over it with a towel over your head and the bowl. Stay there for 10-15 minutes as it allows the steam to bring oxygen and moisture to your face while cleansing your pores at the same time for a truly relaxing experience.

Find a simple treatment that works for you and there’s no need to give up our favorite drinks just for better-looking skin!



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