4 Stylish Eyewear Trends Jun 12, 2015 by Vivian (Day Styles)

Summertime is here and it's that time of the year when eyewear matters in every sense of the word. When the least amount of clothes are worn, the eyes maintain the focal point in the all mighty fashion war. With that being said, let's wage the war on these seemingly simple styles Colored and Patterned Frames, Oversized Round Frames, Cat Eye Glasses and the ever so famous Chunky Bold Glasses.

The Colored and Patterned Frames – they draw the attention and captivate the audience but do they fit your taste and your tone? This year's hottest out of the gate colors are running down the hue train with the purples, burgundies, navies and dare one say the absolute stark White! Look out for the Breast Cancer patterns and the Vintage patterns, super-hot and chic.

We have to lend a hand to the ever present Oversized Round Frames, which seem to be a perpetual fan favorite on the trendy list. You can't help but to love the one size fits all people, outfits, styles and more. From the slender face to the wacky and wild outfit, there is an oversized round frame that goes with it all. They are the most versatile of all frames to ever hit the market. Take a chance and fill that extra space in with some well-done makeup and let those baby blues pop.


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