25 Summer Beauty Hacks Using Ordinary Household Items Jul 19, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Every year, consumers spend billions of dollars on products claiming to enhance hair, nails, and skin. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on things that may not work, consider trying these summer beauty hacks using things that you already have lying around the house.

Bouncy Curls

Long hair with bouncy curls looks great during the summer. You can choose loose flowing curls for a casual appearance or tighter curls for a more formal look. However, if you do not own a hot iron or rollers, or perhaps the ones you have are broken, you might feel as though you are out of luck. In reality, you can use several different things around the house to achieve the desired look.

For large, loose curls, all you need is empty toilet paper rolls or several paper towel rolls cut into three pieces. After wrapping strands of hair around a roll, secure it with bobby pins. Empty soda or juice cans also work great, just like women in the 1970s used. For tighter curls, you can use small pencils or crayons secured with rubber bands.


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