25 Summer Beauty Hacks Using Ordinary Household Items Jul 19, 2017 by Alex (Day Styles)

Eyebrow Color and Eyeliner

To look your best, it is important that your eyebrows have the perfect shape. To enhance your appearance, you can add eyeliner on the top or bottom lid, or both. Without having the right makeup on hand, you still have different options that work almost as well. If your hair is black, you can break off a small briquette chunk used for barbecuing. Just make sure it does not contain starter fluid. Crush the briquette into a powder, add a drop of water, and then apply it with an eyebrow brush to create the shape you want.

For eyeliner, you can use coloring crayons or pencils. For either one, simply sharpen your choice to a point and then carefully apply it as eyeliner. With so many beautiful colors, you can choose something that complements an outfit or matches your eyes. Crayons also work well for filling in void spaces on eyebrows.

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